Having a yard for the kids to play in

Having a yard for the kids to play in

  • How to Downsize When You Have Too Many Possessions

    If you are the head of a typical Australian family and are nearing retirement age, then you may be thinking about the years ahead. Your children may have flown the nest, and you have a lot of empty space in your current house, so your thoughts may undoubtedly turn to a downsize. Yet there's a lot to take into account, and you have built up a tremendous amount of stuff over the years.

  • Benefits Of Installing A Retractable Awning Over Your Patio

    There's nothing like a patio where you can relax outdoors on your property, enjoying the vista while daydreaming, reading a book or socialising with family and friends. The weather, though, is an inconstant phenomenon, which means that your use of the patio is restricted. To expand how often you can enjoy the space, consider installing a retractable awning — several reasons for doing so are below. Forms A Large Shaded Area

  • Which Indoor Plants Are Most Drought-Resistant?

    If you enjoy house plants around the place but are not around to water them very often, then you can still purchase certain species, which will put up with neglect. Low-maintenance and drought-resistant plants don't have to look unattractive either. There are some truly beautiful ones that require very little water. In fact, some will only need a modest supply of water every month or so. This makes them ideal for people who are either away from their home a lot so that they cannot water them regularly or — as is often the case — are forgetful and don't water them as often as they should.

  • Tips on Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Home

    Mattresses vary in different aspects. The type of mattress you choose will impact on the quality of your sleep, how relieved you feel in the morning and can help you avoid pain and aches. If you are unsure about how to go about choosing a mattress or which type is best suited for you, here are some primary considerations to bear in mind. Type of Mattress There are four basic types of mattresses: coil, memory foam, latex and pocket spring.

  • Are Awnings Beneficial For Homeowners?

    Although awnings are often seen being deployed over shopfronts so that the window display beneath them is shaded, they are not something that only retailers can take advantage of. In fact, increasing numbers of Australians are choosing to have them fitted at their homes. Of course, domestic awnings offer the same sort of functionality that they do in retail settings. Specifically, they generate shade over a window or a glazed doorway so that glare is diminished.

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Having a yard for the kids to play in

I knew that the moment we bought a house with a decent yard I'd be ready to start having kids. I loved playing outside as a kid and since we've been in this house I think the kids spend nearly as much time outside as they do outside. That lawn has seen my babies crawl, my toddlers start walkings, the kids kicking balls around and playing chasey all afternoon. Keeping the lawn soft and green is so important to me as it let's us spend all that time outside. I'm always looking for ways to make it feel and look soft and green.