Having a yard for the kids to play in

Having a yard for the kids to play in

Benefits Of Installing A Retractable Awning Over Your Patio

Wyatt Patterson

There's nothing like a patio where you can relax outdoors on your property, enjoying the vista while daydreaming, reading a book or socialising with family and friends. The weather, though, is an inconstant phenomenon, which means that your use of the patio is restricted. To expand how often you can enjoy the space, consider installing a retractable awning — several reasons for doing so are below.

Forms A Large Shaded Area

An awning can create a large shaded area in which you can stretch out for hours if you so desire. You might have previously tried more makeshift solutions such as an umbrella. But the problem with these inadequate options is that they don't provide full-enough coverage. For instance, if you have a table and chairs on the terrace, you might end up sitting half in the shade and half in the sunlight, as the sun angles across the sky during the afternoon. Thus, you'll have to keep moving the umbrella or your chair sideways to remain protected and to perch yourself to catch a scrap of shade. An awning though provides ample coverage, shielding a broad area. You won't have to keep adjusting it or moving your chair to remain comfortable.

Can Handle Wind

Another benefit of an awning is that they're reliable and stable enough to remain secure on windy days, unlike umbrellas which tend to blow away and become dangerously airborne. During intense storms and gales, however, you can retract the awning to keep it out of harm's way. Some models have sensors which do this automatically so you won't need to lift a finger.

You Can Enjoy Direct Sun Also

Sometimes you might prefer to relax in the open without a roof covering. It might be a mild spring or autumn day, and you want to take in some vitamin D from sun exposure. The advantage of a retractable awning is that you can withdraw it whenever you prefer. Thus, you can enjoy a roofed patio when you want or open it at other times. A permanently fixed roof covering, on the other hand, will cast your patio into shade even when you don't want it. You'll have no choice.

Protects Your Paving And Furniture

Awnings not only shield you from the sun but also your patio and outdoor furniture. Whether you're inside or outside, your terrace paving and accoutrements are exposed to the elements. Over time, your beautiful furniture can fade, and the pavers or flooring become weathered. By leaving your awning open, especially during the midst of summer heat, for instance, you can preserve these elements. Similarly, you can shelter them from a rainy water deluge. You can also bring any outdoor pot plants to the patio so that they can enjoy some extra care and protection as well.


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Having a yard for the kids to play in

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