Having a yard for the kids to play in

Having a yard for the kids to play in

Which Indoor Plants Are Most Drought-Resistant?

Wyatt Patterson

If you enjoy house plants around the place but are not around to water them very often, then you can still purchase certain species, which will put up with neglect. Low-maintenance and drought-resistant plants don't have to look unattractive either. There are some truly beautiful ones that require very little water. In fact, some will only need a modest supply of water every month or so. This makes them ideal for people who are either away from their home a lot so that they cannot water them regularly or — as is often the case — are forgetful and don't water them as often as they should. If you are fed up with plants that die because they aren't cared for enough, then try some of these dry climate plants instead.


There are many different species of begonia and you may think of them as dry climate plants that you grow outdoors. However, cane begonias are just as suited to being grown in pots inside. They will provide a splash of colour when they flower, often in the latter part of the autumn. However, begonias don't like too much water which makes them ideal for households where they won't get much attention. The fibrous roots of these plants make them ideal for gritty soil but remember to provide them with plenty of drainage.

Zebra Cactus

You might think that any cactus you choose to grow will be a drought-resistant plant. Although it is true that succulents of this type can store water, they do need a regular supply. One of the most adapted species to prolonged spells of drought is the zebra cactus. What's more, its distinctive colouration makes it a very pretty addition to any household. The only thing to remember about this dry climate plant is that it will not enjoy being placed in a draught.

Spider Plants

One of the most popular house plants of all, the humble spider plant is extremely resistant to spells without watering. You can leave this for well over six weeks without a drop of water so long as there is access to nutrients in its soil. Spider plants will turn a yellowish-brown if they don't have enough water but this is soon remedied when you give it some attention. Just don't be tempted to overwater it to help it restore its lush leaves. This will happen naturally with the normal take up of its tuberous roots.

For more information on dry-climate plants, reach out to a home and garden centre near you.


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Having a yard for the kids to play in

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