Having a yard for the kids to play in

Having a yard for the kids to play in

  • An Overview Of 3 Popular Types Of Blackout Blinds

    Blackout material is made from an opaque fabric that is either woven into the main fabric of your blinds or added as a backing material. Blackout blinds are ideal for those who struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep when natural light penetrates the room. Parents of young children often cite blackout blinds as game-changing when it comes to getting their kids onto a consistent sleep schedule, and anyone who suffers from migraines will also appreciate being able to darken the room instantly.

  • Would the Velux Electric Model Be Better for Your Home Than the Manual Model?

    Velux skylights allow you to have windows that open on sloped sections of your home's roof. This is an excellent way to add ventilation to finished attics and top-floor rooms that don't have dormer windows. Two of the most common models are a manual version that you can open with a rod, if it's placed very high up, and an electric version that you can operate from controls without having to reach or climb up anything.

  • Preparation Tips for Floral Wedding Consultations

    The wedding and floral industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and social media has played a massive role in the growth. Clients' satisfaction is the ultimate objective for florists, and it is achieved through a well-structured wedding consultation. Notably, a wedding consultation meeting is the first meeting a service provider holds with a couple. It presents a chance for clients to pitch their ideas and let a florist bring them to reality.

  • Reasons for Installing Built-in Wardrobes in Your Home

    Enough storage in a home is crucial as it will help everyone to stay organised. Especially in the bedroom, an ample wardrobe will keep everything neat. Consider the following reasons for installing a custom design. Seamless A built-in wardrobe can be created to fit the exact layout of your bedroom so that it becomes an integral part of the room. It can be constructed to reach from floor to ceiling and connect to the wall.

  • Why Hire an Architect to Design Your Home?

    Whether you are a self-builder who is intent on constructing your next home from scratch, have a remodelling project in mind for your home or simply want to extend your house, it is often advisable to turn to a professional architecture firm. To be clear, you can design your home without the need for any architectural input at all. However, this will often mean that you are more reliant on your construction contractors than would otherwise be the case.

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Having a yard for the kids to play in

I knew that the moment we bought a house with a decent yard I'd be ready to start having kids. I loved playing outside as a kid and since we've been in this house I think the kids spend nearly as much time outside as they do outside. That lawn has seen my babies crawl, my toddlers start walkings, the kids kicking balls around and playing chasey all afternoon. Keeping the lawn soft and green is so important to me as it let's us spend all that time outside. I'm always looking for ways to make it feel and look soft and green.