Having a yard for the kids to play in

Having a yard for the kids to play in

Would the Velux Electric Model Be Better for Your Home Than the Manual Model?

Wyatt Patterson

Velux skylights allow you to have windows that open on sloped sections of your home's roof. This is an excellent way to add ventilation to finished attics and top-floor rooms that don't have dormer windows. Two of the most common models are a manual version that you can open with a rod, if it's placed very high up, and an electric version that you can operate from controls without having to reach or climb up anything. It can be difficult to decide which type will be better for your home.

Manual Will Be Less Expensive

A manual skylight – one that you open on your own like you would a window – is going to be less expensive to install and maintain. You won't have wiring or electronic controls to install or repair, should they break, and any troubleshooting you have to do on the manual skylight will be straightforward mechanical work. If the skylight will be in a vaulted ceiling very high up, you would operate it using a rod. You could use a ladder, too, but why add that element of risk every time you want to open or close the skylight?

Electric Won't Require Rods or Climbing

Or, you could go for an electric version. These do not have manual controls, so if the power is out, the window controls won't work. However, you won't have to reach up or climb to reach the window, and if you're having trouble with, say, your shoulder and arm overhead movements, you won't aggravate those when you open an electric skylight.

Try a Mix if You're Getting More Than One

If you're not sure which type of skylight would be better, and you're getting more than one, you might go for a mix of types. For example, have one electric skylight in two different areas and let the rest be manual. This allows you to have skylights that will open even if the power is out, and to have skylights that you can open even if you are ill and can't really reach the manual skylight controls to open or close them. If you're getting only two skylights, one of each type would work, and if you're placing some skylights high up and others within easy reach, make the ones high up electric.

Contact a Velux seller to see what they have to offer. There are other types of skylights that Velux makes, so if you end up not really liking the manual or electric versions, you could look at the others. Look into velux skylights near you for more information.


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Having a yard for the kids to play in

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