Having a yard for the kids to play in

Having a yard for the kids to play in

Reasons for Installing Built-in Wardrobes in Your Home

Wyatt Patterson

Enough storage in a home is crucial as it will help everyone to stay organised. Especially in the bedroom, an ample wardrobe will keep everything neat. Consider the following reasons for installing a custom design.


A built-in wardrobe can be created to fit the exact layout of your bedroom so that it becomes an integral part of the room. It can be constructed to reach from floor to ceiling and connect to the wall. Painting it the same colour as the wall or trim will blend the closet seamlessly with the room.

You can also install similarly styled wardrobes or closets in other parts of your home to create a cohesive design everywhere. For example, in the hallway, you might build a shallow cabinet to sneakily add inconspicuous storage. You can construct it at the perfect depth for the hallway in order to avoid blocking traffic.

Efficient Storage

A custom-designed wardrobe lets you adapt the storage to your particular needs, increasing closet efficiency. For example, you can fix rails halfway for hanging jackets or full-length rails for long dresses. If you own a lot of shoes, you could build space to accommodate a shoe rack or shelves to store jumpers. If the wardrobe is for a child's bedroom, you can create storage areas for toys or balls. That way, you won't waste space. After all, if you have a full-length hanging rail on which you only hang skirts or shirts, you're leaving a lot of dead space underneath.

Small Bedrooms

Built-in wardrobes can especially help in a small bedroom, as they don't waste space above or beside the closet as a stand-alone design would. You can also cover the wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors, reflecting the space back into the room. If the doors face a window, they'll create an even more expansive feel. Sliding doors are better for small rooms, as they don't swing out over the floor area. Instead, they move neatly to the side, completely out of the way.

Wardrobe Style

With a built-in wardrobe, you can match its style to the rest of your home. In a traditional room, you could construct contoured doors with a recessed middle panel. Otherwise, you may decide to build flat doors with a modern look. You could also install doors that consist of large frosted-glass panels. No matter what you pick, you'll be able to create virtually any impression you prefer if they're specially built for your home and style. 


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Having a yard for the kids to play in

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