Having a yard for the kids to play in

Having a yard for the kids to play in

Answering Your Questions About a New Garage Door

Wyatt Patterson

A new garage door can add security and style to your home's garage; a new door may be thicker and stronger, with updated or heavy-duty locks that are difficult to break, and a new door may also add to your property's curb appeal. When you're ready to get a new garage door installed, note a few questions you might have about the process and your choices for the door so you can determine the best option for your home.

Can a homeowner install a lightweight door on their own?

It's generally not recommended that a homeowner try installing a garage door on their own, since these doors are typically very heavy. However, even if you opt for a lightweight fibreglass or vinyl door, you might still reconsider trying to manage this installation yourself. Garage doors have a lot of small parts that work with the springs or chains that move the doors, and the door itself needs to be perfectly level and even, or it may not close and open properly. Because installing the door is more technical than you may realize, it's never good to try to do this yourself, no matter the door you've chosen.

Can you keep an old track?

If you replace an existing door, you may be thinking of keeping the old track to save money and time on installing a new one. However, garage doors usually need to work with a certain type and size of track for their rollers to move freely and easily, and an older door usually means the track is also older and not in good condition. Since tracks are very affordable, easy to install and important for the door's operation, it's good to consider just installing a new one along with the door itself.

Can a one-piece door be replaced with a sectional door?

A sectional door will need a special track that keeps the sections in place as they move up or down the door frame; a rollup door will also need a housing unit above the door for the sections to roll into as the door opens. These can typically be installed along with your new garage door very easily. If you have a sectional door and want to switch to a one-piece, swing-out door, the current track will need to be removed from the doorframe; usually the holes left by the connectors then need to be filled in and painted over, but this is typically a very minor job.


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Having a yard for the kids to play in

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