Having a yard for the kids to play in

Having a yard for the kids to play in

Modern Features You Need to Include in Your Custom Home

Wyatt Patterson

When working with a custom homebuilder, you have the chance to create a space that works specifically for you and your family in a variety of ways. This includes making the home safe, relaxing, inviting and as functional as possible. Note a few ways to do this so you know some features to discuss with your custom homebuilder before plans are ever drawn up.


Your home's security should include more than just a stripped-down alarm system; talk to your homebuilder about individual and internal alarms that are connected to your smart phone, for example. These alarms can alert you via your phone if someone is accessing the home safe, when a video camera detects motion, or when the box holding your spare key has been opened. A video of the home should also be accessible on the phone, so you can determine if it's your children or a trusted contractor in the home, or if you need to alert emergency services.


Your new home should have some luxury items that make it more welcoming and inviting and uniquely your own. Consider what items you might include that would fit your budget and your own preferences for a home; if you love to cook, turn your attention to the kitchen and consider a wine refrigerator, warming drawers, double oven, and oversized island. If you love to exercise, you'll want a lap pool where you can swim and stay fit. For the movie lovers, be sure to include a home theatre complete with oversized screen and high-tech projector and a lot of very comfortable seating! Choose the luxury features that fit your lifestyle for a home you'll truly love.


As luxurious as your home should be, you also want it to function for your everyday life. This can mean a recycling station that's hidden away in the kitchen so it's easy to sort your trash without cumbersome bins and containers being underfoot. Consider a separate home office so you don't take your work into the bedroom with you and a playroom for the kids so you can keep their toys contained. For the clothes horse, a full dressing room can be better than even the best walk-in closet, and of course you'll want to ensure that no potential storage space is overlooked. This can mean built-in storage under the floorboards and under an open stairwell, as well as built-in bookcases in the family room and bedroom, shelving in the garage and closet organizers in every bedroom as well.


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Having a yard for the kids to play in

I knew that the moment we bought a house with a decent yard I'd be ready to start having kids. I loved playing outside as a kid and since we've been in this house I think the kids spend nearly as much time outside as they do outside. That lawn has seen my babies crawl, my toddlers start walkings, the kids kicking balls around and playing chasey all afternoon. Keeping the lawn soft and green is so important to me as it let's us spend all that time outside. I'm always looking for ways to make it feel and look soft and green.