Having a yard for the kids to play in

Having a yard for the kids to play in

Kitchen Remodelling Tips For Those Selling a Home

Wyatt Patterson

If you know that you're going to live in your home for the next several years, you can plan a kitchen remodel that works just for you and your family; however, if you know you'll eventually need to sell your home, you want to think about changes in the kitchen that will appeal to homebuyers. Not all kitchen remodelling ideas will actually add value to the home, whereas some changes can make the home seem more attractive and more appealing overall. Note a few kitchen remodelling tips for those who know they may eventually put their home on the real estate market.

Open up the space

Many homeowners want to feel that a kitchen is large and spacious and comfortable for the entire family and for entertaining. To create this feeling in your kitchen, remove the wall between the kitchen and the dining area, or take out the upper section of the wall so the space seems more open. Consider a section of open shelves rather than closed cupboards, or at the very least, replace a few solid cupboard doors with glass fronts. This will make the area look and feel more open and spacious and not quite so claustrophobic.

Build in storage

A pantry in the kitchen is great for storage, but even this space may not be enough for some families; adding built-in storage can make a kitchen seem more functional and more appealing overall. Consider how to use every nook and cranny for storage; you might build a small shelving unit in that wasted space around the refrigerator, for storing wine bottles or drink ware. Extend the cabinets to ceiling height, and install an appliance garage, which is a covered set of shelves built specifically for small kitchen appliances.

Don't skimp on flooring

Kitchen flooring should be durable but still attractive; remember that the flooring will greatly affect the overall appearance of the kitchen, and you want homebuyers to appreciate the look and not just the function of this space. Also, since many people can spend literally hours every day standing in the kitchen, you want to think about a flooring surface that is comfortable underfoot. Consider a rubber timber-look tile that provides some added cushioning, or a laminate tile rather than porcelain or stone, as laminate is typically softer and may cause less fatigue; it's also easier to clean! This might be more appealing to homebuyers who would otherwise worry about a stone or other flooring surface that easily absorbs food stains in the kitchen.


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Having a yard for the kids to play in

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