Having a yard for the kids to play in

Having a yard for the kids to play in

Smoker Woes | 4 Ways To Make Cigarette Residue Stains Disappear From Your Carpets

Wyatt Patterson

You don't have to be reminded about how dangerous cigarettes are. Nevertheless, if you or someone in your family smokes at home, the likeliness of ash tipping over from burning cigarettes is high. This will result in ghastly carpet stains if you leave them untouched. Don't be a slow body; follow these prompt steps to clean up cigarette residue stains from your carpets.

Bring Out The Powerful Vacuum

If you just drop ash or cigarette residue, your first action would be to avoid rubbing it further into the carpet. Don't try to wipe or brush the residue because you risk extending it further along your carpet. Instead, bring out your powerful vacuum and just suck it all up instantly. You'll be surprised at how effective a vacuum is, but it can potentially pull most of the cigarette residue before it has a chance to create a permanent scar on your carpet. Avoid using any attachments with the pipe of the vacuum for the best residue suction results.

Lightly Brush The Residue

With a soft bristled broom, lightly brush the remaining residue off the carpet. But take care not to be too abrasive because you will just make the problem worse. Once you have brushed the residue off the fibres, scoop it up and throw it out. Try to avoid using hard brushes because you may end up causing major damage to the carpet fibres.

Sterilise The Cigarette Residue Stain

White vinegar is a magical ingredient used to give your food a delicious acidic twist, but its powers don't end there. White vinegar may also be used as an effective agent to kill bacteria and germs because of its acetic acid content, while doubling up as a natural disinfectant to eliminate noxious odours like cigarette smoke and residue. Simply sprinkle some vinegar over the stained area and let it sit for several minutes. Not only will this action take away the cigarette smell, but it will also kick up any remaining residue from the fibres.

Air Out The Room And Stop Smoking Indoors

You should now air out your room to completely get rid of the cigarette smell from your carpets. For the future, avoid smoking inside because this not only causes toxic fumes, but it also leaves reeking odours. If possible, increase the ventilation to let natural air draw the cigarette smell outside.

These actions will help you tackle cigarette residue stains from your carpets. If the problem is too hard to handle on your own, you may want to hire a carpet cleaner like Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning to get rid of the stains professionally.


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Having a yard for the kids to play in

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