Having a yard for the kids to play in

Having a yard for the kids to play in

Four Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing Persian Rugs for Your Bed and Breakfast

Wyatt Patterson

Oriental rugs provide soft, lush comfort underfoot, making them the perfect addition to a quality bed and breakfast. However, not all Oriental rugs are created the same. There are several traits to keep in mind while shopping for a rug. Here's what to remember:

1. Look for rugs made of live wool.

Traditionally, persian rugs are made of wool, but in some cases, you can also find rugs made of silk. If you are creating a theme room where silk compliments the rest of the decor, choose silk, but in all other cases, opt for wool, as it has more durability than silk and is likely to last longer in the high traffic environment of a bed and breakfast.

In particular, make sure the rug is made from live wool. Live wool has been sheared off a live sheep, and it is more durable and soft than the alternative. Typically called dead wool, the opposite of live wool is taken from slaughtered sheep. Compared to dead wool, live wool has more lanolin and oils, creating resilience, and it's also more humane, something to consider if you are billing your bed and breakfast as green or animal friendly.

2. Choose rugs with tightly woven knots.

Persian rugs are knotted together, and if you want them to resist fraying as your guests walk back and forth over them, you need to look for rugs that are tightly woven. When you run your hands over the rug, you should be able to feel if the knots are tight or loose. In particular, if you allow pets to stay at your bed and breakfast, you definitely want tight knots as they are harder for dogs and cats to unravel with their claws.

3. Opt for handspun rugs.

With persian and oriental rugs, you can choose between handspun and machine woven. For an authentic feel, you may want to opt for handspun. However, that's not the only reason to choose a handspun rug. Hand spinning makes the wool and pile feel softer and more natural, making it the ideal floor covering for a guest who's walking from the bathroom back to the bedroom on a chilly morning. Additionally, handspun rugs often have tighter knots than machine made varieties.

4. Pick a busy pattern.

Historically, persian rugs consist of interesting patterns, and if you are putting the rug in a bed and breakfast, you should try to choose a busy pattern. If someone drops some food or spills a drink, a busy pattern is more effective at hiding it than a simple pattern. For this reason, you may also want to choose dark, colours.  



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Having a yard for the kids to play in

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